MBAT Features

Search Workspace

keyword_result_lrgThe Search Workspace is used to access and collect data from distributed online databases. More

Viewer Workspace

online_lrgMBAT centers around images. The Viewer Workspace allows users to visually compare and contrast data through the compositing of data layers. More

Registration Workspace

image_lrgThe Registration Workspace provides a framework for aligning image data to a template image, such as an atlas, so meaningful comparisons can be made. More

Atlas Viewer

atlasviewer A major feature of the Viewer Workspace is the Atlas Viewer module; a generic volumetric atlas viewer. This module allows navigation and interrogation of volumetric atlases. More

Hierarchy Editor

TheĀ Hierarchy Editor is used to group atlas labels into conceptual groups and hierarchies. The Hierarchy Editor Workspace allows atlas labels to be associated with established ontology IDs and permits names, colors and IDs to be added and modified.

Data Cart

The Data Cart provides a mechanism for moving data between workspaces. For example, query results from the Search Workspace can be moved to the Viewer Workspace for comparison with local or online data. More

Save Workflow

MBAT allows the user to save Data Cart contents and Workspace state. Selected query results placed in the Data Cart can be saved for later data retrieval. Viewer Workspace state can be saved letting the user reconstruct an MBAT session as they left it. More